Re-Present and Represent

Re-Present & Represent is a collaborative project by Unidentified Stages and TSquared Production Company. Artists are given a space to play the roles they might not have been given a chance to.

Actress Alicia C Hayes performs a monologue from Seascape with Sharks and Dancers by Don Nigro.

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A word from Alicia: I was assigned this monologue in college in my Acting I class. I recently found my Acting I journal and not only did I find this monologue (COVERED in notes and worn down thin) but in my entries, it was clear that this monologue was a breakthrough for me as an actor. I don’t think I realized it then. But looking back, Tracy was the first time I played someone that couldn’t be tied up nicely with a bow. She was a blessing and a challenge and I wanted to perform this monologue again with more experience and technique.

This monologue is part of a series called “Re-present & Represent” created by Unidentified Stages and TSquared Production Company. Actors are able to have creative license with works they have always wanted to perform but perhaps never had the chance. In honor of Women’s History Month, this March we asked female-identifying artists to smash their favorite dream roles.

Actress Sara Giacomini performs a monologue from “The Cake” by Bekah Brunstetter.

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A word from Sara: “The character, Jen, is going through a bit of a rough patch in finding herself, like many of us artists throughout our lifetime as well as during this difficult time. She really speaks a lot about not knowing who you are or understanding who you want to be. I find it both heartbreaking and uplifting and a challenging role that I would love to tackle. The subject matter of the play as a whole and the characters specific hurdles ask difficult, important, real-world questions that I believe are important to explore.”