Angelle Whavers

Angelle Whavers is a graduate of Drew University with a bachelor’s degree in Theater and History. She has co-written for the show 4320p: Immersion with the Tectonic Theater Project, had her ten-minute Does Not Translate performed by the Vulcan Theatre Company, as well as her play Incubator by the New York Theater Festival.

In addition, she recently had her children’s play, Boogie, read in the New Works Festival with the Growing Stage, and is a recipient of The Chauncey Lester and Elsie Steward Benedict Memorial Prize for playwriting. She has worked as a writer and performer with Parody in Blue for: Year of Woman 3, Grab Them By The Parody!, 19th Amendment: 100 Years of Suffrage, and How to Succeed in Politics Without Even Leaving Your Couch! She is the co-founder and Director of Social Media for Unidentified Stages. Her acting credits include: Performer, Actor’s Hour; Sapphire, 4320p: Immersion: Nell, Haiku; and Florence, Poof!