Re-Present and Represent: Pride month

Hello All! We are so excited to announce that Unidentified Stages is once again partnering with TSquared Production Company to relaunch Re-Present and Represent. We are gearing up for June, which is Pride month. And we are celebrating.

For this month, we invite the LGBTQIA+ community to submit a monologue or song to us of your choosing. We want to give people the platform to perform pieces, works, whatever you may feel like, that you typically wouldn’t get in the audition room. We want to celebrate pride and support the community. If you are an ally, you can submit a work written or created by people from the LGBTQIA+ community.

It’s super simple to participate. Record your video, fill out the form, and hit send!

This will be pre-recorded! You will be at your leisure to record your work so it’s perfect for the person who has a lot going on. Please submit your work by June 1st.

The Google Form will take 2 minutes tops to complete and you can complete it here. 

If selected to perform, we will reach out to you shortly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to US!